Experience! The Finger Lakes Waterfalls of Ithaca, New York

Experience! The Fingers Lakes Tours provides just that, an immersive touring Experience. In November, I visited Ithaca for the day and oh what a day it was! A magnificent tour of the waterfalls of Ithaca was awe inspiring.


I was amazed to find that Ithaca has multiple waterfalls within the city.  Laura Faulk, owner of Experience was my tour guide.  She introduced me to four waterfalls around the city.  Due to the all the rain in the area, the waterfalls were powerful vistas. 

Cascadilla Falls

Cascadilla Falls

We began our tour at Cascadilla Falls at Cascadilla Park not far from downtown.  Then it was onto the campus of Cornell University where Laura had been a student. You can’t get a better guide than someone who studied at Cornell and lived on the campus. Laura explained the history of Ithaca and Cornell as we drove between the waterfall stops.

Fall Creek Gorge

We parked near the Cornell Suspension bridge and walked across Fall Creek.  At over 138 feet high, it provides a campus thoroughfare for Cornell students.

High above Fall Creek Gorge

Triphammer Falls

We drove through College Town then walked across another bridge above Triphammer Falls and Beebe Lake. The lake is a perfect place for kayaks.

Triphammer Falls

Ithaca Falls

Our final waterfall was the magnificent Ithaca Falls. At one hundred and thirty-five feet it three stories higher than Niagara Falls and standing at the base of it you can experience the power of the water.

Ithaca Falls

I highly recommend Experience! The Finger Lakes Tours if you are in Ithaca. You can experience a number of different types of tours, from wine excursions to area sightseeing.  My day in Ithaca was a fantastic way to have and up close experience of the Ithaca’s waterfalls. 

Powerful Ithaca Falls


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