Experience! The Finger Lakes Waterfalls of Ithaca, New York

Experience! The Fingers Lakes Tours provides just that, an immersive touring Experience. In November, I visited Ithaca for the day and oh what a day it was! A magnificent tour of the waterfalls of Ithaca was awe inspiring.


I was amazed to find that Ithaca has multiple waterfalls within the city.  Laura Faulk, owner of Experience was my tour guide.  She introduced me to four waterfalls around the city.  Due to the all the rain in the area, the waterfalls were powerful vistas. 

Cascadilla Falls

Cascadilla Falls

We began our tour at Cascadilla Falls at Cascadilla Park not far from downtown.  Then it was onto the campus of Cornell University where Laura had been a student. You can’t get a better guide than someone who studied at Cornell and lived on the campus. Laura explained the history of Ithaca and Cornell as we drove between the waterfall stops.

Fall Creek Gorge

We parked near the Cornell Suspension bridge and walked across Fall Creek.  At over 138 feet high, it provides a campus thoroughfare for Cornell students.

High above Fall Creek Gorge

Triphammer Falls

We drove through College Town then walked across another bridge above Triphammer Falls and Beebe Lake. The lake is a perfect place for kayaks.

Triphammer Falls

Ithaca Falls

Our final waterfall was the magnificent Ithaca Falls. At one hundred and thirty-five feet it three stories higher than Niagara Falls and standing at the base of it you can experience the power of the water.

Ithaca Falls

I highly recommend Experience! The Finger Lakes Tours if you are in Ithaca. You can experience a number of different types of tours, from wine excursions to area sightseeing.  My day in Ithaca was a fantastic way to have and up close experience of the Ithaca’s waterfalls. 

Powerful Ithaca Falls


Three Places Not To Missed in “The coolest small town in America”, Hammondsport, New York

A half day in the the Finger Lakes region is not enough time to dive into the many treasures of the area but you can make touch the surface of its riches.

Glenn H. Curtiss Museum

Curtiss Museum

Located near the heart of Hammondsport, New York, the Curtiss Museum celebrates all things that can be navigated, be it in air, on land or at sea.  Glenn Curtiss began his career by building bicycles and moved on to motorcycles.  He attained early notoriety as the ‘fastest man on earth” in 1907 on a V8 motorcycle. 

1911 Indian Motorcycle





Curtiss Jenny

Curtiss was one of the pioneers in aviation, who developed the sea plane as well as many other aircraft designs. The museum also houses a restoration shop which is in the process of the restoration of a 1940’s P-40 that was recovered in Gainesville, Florida in the 1980’s.


The breath of items housed in the museum will leave you amazed.  You will find items displayed from Curtiss’s family residences, civil war weapons, bicycles and motorcycles designed by Curtiss and others.  Planes, cars and boats fill every nook and cranny of the space.  

Early flying boat





You need to take time here to digest the impressive contribution that Curtiss made to aviation.   

Cradle of Aviation






Finger Lakes Boating Museum

Finger Lakes Boating Museum

A short drive from the Curtiss museum, housed in the former Taylor winery, is the Finger Lakes Boating Museum.  

Sleek boats of the Lake

Dedicated to the Finger Lakes boating culture, the museum walks you through boating on the lakes from canoes and paddle wheelers to sleek hand crafted antique boats.  



Founded in 1996, the museum was founded to preserve the boating heritage of the regions.



Domaine LeSeurre winery

Domaine LeSeurre Winery

This charming French inspired winery overlooks Keuka Lake.  I turned into the parking area, thinking I would just get a quick photograph of Keuka Lake but I ended up staying for a full tasting.  Jennifer, my tasting hostess, told me the story of Sebastian and Celine LeSeurre. The two French trained winemakers who settled in the Finger Lakes to unite their French heritage to Finger Lakes wine region.  The oval tasting table looks out onto the Keuka Lake and can host a large amount of guests.  The LeSeurres’ brought the land in 2012 and opened the tasting room in October of 2013.  The winery is in the progress of adding on two larger spaces to expand their tasting experience.  

Selection of LeSuerre Wines

LeSeurre offered twelve wines for tasting as well as a recommended paired tasting.  The cost of a selection of five tastings is five dollars and a well enjoyed five dollars, it is.  I tried a host of the wines; from Chardonnays (both Oaked and Unoaked), Dry and Semi Dry Resilsings, Gewurztaminer and Cabernet Franc. The crisp and clean flavor Unoaked Chardonnay was so enjoyable, I brought a bottle.  

LaSuerre Cav Franc

Chatting with the other guests and exchanging stories of our travels to the winery was a treat. This first class winery was an unexpected encounter during my brief adventure in Hammondsport. 


The Finger Lakes is a lovely region of New York State. I cannot wait to return and discover more of the gems that surround its many lakes.