Musings: The Short Happy Pursuit of Pleasure and Other Journeys

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Musings by Joseph Rosendo

Joseph Rosendo, the Emmy winner and internationally known travel guru of PBS’s Travelscope draws from his extensive travel history to delight readers with stories from his 40 years of travel. Musings is a compellation of essays beginning with his earliest memories of travel. Joseph shares his personal history as well as his journey to becoming a travel writer.  There are many pearls of wisdom captured in these pages.

Joseph said, travel is like an addiction, the more you do it the more you crave it.  Those words rang true for me.  I am all about the journey. No matter how tired I may be after a trip.  I can guarantee that it isn’t long until I am raring to hit the road again. Musings will not only give you food for thought, but it will also provide you with insights on how to travel with purpose.

While the pandemic has left us all hungry for travel, between these pages you can quench that desire with a journey around the world. You will also gain insight from both Joseph’s insights and miscues over his many years of travel.  For me, travel is both a pleasure and a journey.

I found this recent podcast where Joseph discusses the future of travel.

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The book is available at your favorite bookseller or online. Learn more about Joseph and Travelscope here. You may get drawn in. Check your local PBS listings for the show.

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