Catching up with Muffinjaw Designs

Muffinjaw designs
Gage and Freddie work the glass

Four years ago, I met Freddie Blache of Muffinjaw Designs.  I was taken by his creative energy and enthusiasm for his art.  We reconnected at a recent demonstration they gave at Mobile Botanical Gardens.  I spent some time catching up with Freddie and Charlotte as they demonstrated their glass art at the gardens. It’s been a busy four years for them.  They overcame some setbacks. Freddie trained with a master in glass blowing, and then 2020 hit.  They have landed on their feet and business is busy. 

I will say I am still a big fan. Because of Muffinjaw, I now seek out glass blowers wherever I travel.  It is an art I find fascinating.   

Muffinjaw designs
The team working together on the glass

This weekend Muffinjaw Designs will have their first Gallery Show at the Mobile Arts Council on Friday from 6-9 pm.  Come out and watch how they form the unique glass they create. Enjoy their unique and beautiful creations that will be on display.

See my original post on Muffinjaw here.

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