Two Fun Museums in Canton, Ohio. The Home of Pro Football and Fannie Mae Chocolate

Pro Football Hall of Fame

Pro Football Hall of Fame

While visiting the Pro Football Hall of Fame, I hoped I would see my favorite pro football player, Joe Namath, and I did.  Although I’ve never had the opportunity to meet him, I’ve always held a special place for ‘Joe Willie”.  So I was excited to see that he was one of the main speakers in one of the interactive galleries.  It wasn’t as good as meeting him but at least he was part of my visit.

Namath at Play

Why Canton, Ohio?

Canton successfully brought the NFL Hall of Fame to the city because one, the NFL was founded in Canton on September 17, 1920;  two, the now-defunct Canton Bulldogs were a successful pro football team and the NFL’s first two-time NFL champion in 1922 and 1923, and thirdly, the Canton community raised nearly $400,000 to get the Hall of Fame built in Canton.

Groundbreaking was held on August 11, 1962, for the two-room building housing 19,000 square feet, and it opened on September 7, 1963. The building has undergone several expansions, but most recently in 2013 expanding it to 118,000 square feet of space.


Game Day Stadium -In the theatre, NFL Film productions are projected on a 20-foot by 42-foot Cinemascope screen. This literally puts guests in a seat or on the field of a football game.  It is loud and you really get a sense of what it means to be in the game zone. 

Hall of Fame Gallery

Hall of Fame Room-Here you will find busts of all the 326 members of the Hall of Fame.  They are working on an interactive bust so members can answer your questions as you seek out your favorite players.   

Vintage Football Card Exhibit

Football cards-A special display of vintage football cards was in the main gallery.

Lombardi Trophy
Lombardi Trophy

Super Bowl Rings. This was an amazing collection of the Championship rings.

Super Bowl -The Lombardi Trophy.


Helmets-We attended a hands-on presentation on the history and evolution of helmets throughout the years.  I had no idea that today quarterbacks have a one-way radio in their helmets.  Today, the helmets are lighter and can provide better protection for the players and the technology keeps evolving.  

Visiting the Pro Football Hall of Fame is a fun and interactive experience.

Fannie Mae Chocolate Tour

Fannie Mae Chocolate

My first discovery of Fannie Mae Chocolate was when I visited Chicago several years ago.  Little did I know that it is manufactured in Canton, Ohio.  Arriving at the factory on a rainy Monday morning, we discovered we were the only participants for the tour. This free tour is well worth your time when in Canton. 


You are not allowed to take pictures of the process during the tour, which they guard like money-making at the US Mint. We were treated to several tasty morsels during the tour with our guide, Dylan.  You really can’t complain when you have a mouthful of delicious Fannie Mae Chocolate.

Fannie Mae began in Chicago in 1920 and now has over 100 unique confections. In 2003, Fannie Mae joined with Harry London, a Canton, Ohio confectioner. London had been making chocolates since the 1950s and by 1994 was producing chocolate in its factory near the Akron-Canton Airport.  The marriage was a good one and today you can enjoy their creations in retail stores across the country and purchase it online.


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