Since 2017, the American Village in Montevallo has planted tulips in December for the community to enjoy in the Spring.  This year over 100 thousand bulbs were planted. This herald of spring has become an attraction that draws people from many miles away as the beautiful blooms are a stunning complement to the entire Village campus. 

The blooms will only be around for another few short weeks so get there soon!


You can walk among the blooms and pick the ones you like and take them home. Come and pick a few Skyliners or some Monte Orange’s to add to your bouquets. This is a fun afternoon for young and old alike.


The American Village
Montevallo, Alabama

The American Village in Montevallo, Alabama is a unique creation. The Village was the idea of CEO Tom Walker. He had drawn out the facility on a napkin while at lunch one afternoon in the mid-1990s.  Tom’s vision was and is to create a place where people can learn about what it means to be an American Citizen. The Village was founded in 1999. The 183 acre Village is the culmination of his vision that sits on a hill just outside the small town of Montevallo. 

The American Village is committed to teaching young people about our founding generation and what it means to be an American. At the Village, they teach history in a “hands-on” manner with a staff of a dozen historical interpreters, including, Martha Washington, Patrick Henry, Thomas Paine and Abigail Adams who bring history to life.  

Thomas Paine

Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon

The centerpiece replica of Mount Vernon stands as a symbol to our forefathers and our country’s history. Here, you will see a full scale of the Oval Office. Docents and historical interpreters educate visitors on how the government works. A statue of George Washington, a replica from the Virginia estate greets you upon entrance. A replica of the assembly room where the Constitutional Convention was held educates visitors about the founding of America. The room where Washington received guests has also been replicated with faithful execution of the color palette.

Bruton Parish Church

Bruton Parish Church

The Bruton Parish Church is a faithful reproduction on the Williamsburg, Virginia site.  Here, visitors can hear historical interpreter Patrick Henry give his impassioned ‘Give me liberty or give me death’ speech.  The magnificent wood pulpit was imported from England and the boxed pews where the wealthy would be seated and pipe organ are accurate replications. 

The Village does host occasional services at the Parish Church.  While visiting the Church, a local craftsman and wood carver overheard the need for a lectern and pulling a quarter out of pocket and asked if the Village wanted a lectern, ‘like this’ he asked, indicating the quarter.  Just a few weeks later the elegantly wood carved Eagle lectern was in place.

National Veterans Shrine

The village holds several inspirational surprises for its visitors, none are as inspiring as the National Veterans Shrine and Register of Honor which opened in 2014. The National Veterans Shine, which resembles Carpenter’s Hall in Philadelphia, was created to honor the service and sacrifice of our county’s Veterans.  It serves to help visitors understand who our veterans are and what they did for the United States. 

Both inside and outside of the Shrine pays tribute to our Vets. Lady Liberty stands tall at the entrance holding a staff that commemorates the original thirteen colonies. She stands on the crown and sword of Britain and the shackles of slavery she has yet to tread on. Enshrined at the time the statute was revealed was dirt from the hallowed ground of thirty battlefields from around the world along with water from the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Register of Honor

Veterans Register of Honor

The Shrine has everything to do with elevating the individual. Every veteran is someone’s child and they need to tell their story. In the Veteran’s Register of Honor, veterans tell their story through an online database. Visitors can view the register of Veterans stories through kiosks located in the Shrine.  Visitors are encouraged to upload their Veteran’s story through the website.


Add this unique and inspiring destination to your travels.  You will likely bring home a beautiful bouquet as well a wealth of knowledge about America.


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