Remembering a life-The Passing of Barbara Bush

Barbara Bush

Barbara Pierce Bush, 92, died April 17, 2018.  The wife of President George H. W. Bush (41) and President George W. Bush (43), she was only the second women in history to hold the distinction of being a former First Lady and First mother.  The first had been Abigail Adams in 1800.

I visited the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library in College Station, Texas in December 2016.   You can see my article here:

On this day of the celebration of Mrs. Bush’s life, I wanted to share a few photographs from my library visit.  She was a phenomenal woman.

Barbara’s official portrait for the Library
Barbara’s signature

Her Secret Service code name was “Tranquility”

Ingratiation Day parade
Barbara’s Portrait entering the First Lady’s section of the Library
Barbara in her sun hat
George and Barbara

73 years devoted years together.   She recently said, “I’m not going to expire today. Tell that man that I adore him.”

Presidential Seal at the grave site

The grave site is located behind the Presidential  Library surrounded by trees. The approach to the site follows a small creek.  It is a peaceful place for reflection.

Trees near gravesite
Bush Gravesite at the Library

The Bush’s daughter Robin was interred to share the space with her parents.  The site will be available to Library visitors beginning tomorrow.

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