Death, Debauchery and Destruction, in Mobile, Alabama with the Secret History Tours

Secret History Tours

Ten stories of Death, Debauchery, and Destruction in Mobile were promised on our Dark Secret Tour with Mobile’s own Secret History Tours. Secret History Tours, now if their second year,  are leading five walking tours of downtown Mobile.  Our Friday night November walking tour was well attended even if gloves and hats were needed due to the onset of chilly weather.   

Secret History Tour
Cathedral Square

Our tour guide, Todd Duren, a self-confessed ‘ham’ spins his yarns of ghostly figures as the group walked the darkened streets of downtown Mobile. Todd may not be a native Mobilian; he knows the story of the history of Mobile and its darker side.

Secret History Tour
Your Tour Guide, Todd

We began at the Admiral Hotel at the Corner Bar with a libation to warm us against the cold night air.  I won’t give away all the surprises or locations of the tour, but you will learn a lot about the ‘Most Haunted City in Alabama” including the uses of arsenic, brothels, the Copeland gang, graveyards, speakeasys, confederate ghosts, Mardi Gras ghosts, and murder.

Secret History Tour

I am a big fan of city walking tours and seek them out when I travel. Mobile’s Secret History Tour is a top-notch tour. It is Todd’s expert research that gives the tour its authentic flavor as well as his natural storytelling ability. The stories are engaging and some amusing.  You will also learn things about the city you might have never known.  The tours are frequently updated when new information is discovered, or a new location added.  That is one reason why Secret History Tours get so many repeat customers you will learn something new on each tour.

Secret History Tour
Long lost artifact in Downtown Mobile

Looking for a fun evening in downtown Mobile, seek out this haunted walking tour. You may not know who is walking beside you or even through you.

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