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I applied for TSA Pre check three years ago and have used the expedited service going through security.  It was an easy application process and a brief interview process at a local transportation licensing center.  Last week I applied for Global Entry, which enables a quicker re-entry process to the U.S. in airports from international destinations using of a kiosk to fill out your declaration instead of going through the cue. Global entry also provides a card for use in quicker crossing at landed borders (Canada and Mexico). Global entry also provides you with TSA Pre check, so you get the benefits of both programs.  Again, it was an easy application process and interview, taking only about five minutes.  The only downside was the only center near Mobile for the interview was at the Gulfport airport about an hour’s drive. The website offers a number of centers across the county where the interview can be conducted.  I recommend both as they are timesavers when traveling domestically or abroad.

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  1. Interesting blog, Charlene. Lots of good content on here. It was great to meet you at TBEX 🙂 Please stay in touch – let me know how your Aus plans get on. If you’re on Facebook I’m on a page called ‘travel live learn’ or Twitter and Instagram just sarahblinco. Hope we meet again one day to chat about orbs and ghosts!

    1. Thanks Sarah. It was great to meet you as well. Following you on Facebook. Tbex Ireland was great fun and I look forward to Africa and Finger Lakes. That was indeed my first ghost tour I have been on that was so eventful. I will certainly reach out to you for tips as my Oz plans draw nearer.

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