Gators, Birds and Sunsets, Oh my!

Bartram Landing

Wild Native Delta Eco tour

The 5 Rivers Delta Resource Center is located just off the Mobile-Spanish Fort causeway in Spanish Fort just past the Bluegill Restaurant. Meaher State Park is located just across the street. Located at the Bartram Landing is Wild Native’s Delta Safaris’ Eco Cruise is a relaxing way to spend a Saturday evening.

The Delta

The water was calm and peaceful as we boarded the open canopy 40 passenger Osprey with Captain Chris and our scenic guide Chista. Both were passionate about the Delta’s eco system and wildlife. They provided an ongoing narration and provided vast amounts of details about the 2nd largest delta in the US. The Mobile Delta is second only to Mississippi.

Chris talking about gators

Providing tours since 2006, Wild Native provides multiple daily boat tours of the Delta and Mobile Harbor as well as Kayak tours. The Osprey seats 40 people of all ages. Beverages (adult and other) and snacks are welcomed onboard and there is a restroom available onboard.

Our Ride

After a quick safety briefing, we departed with a cool afternoon breeze beckoning the passengers to the water. Within moments of leaving the dock, we spotted a gator just below the water line. He only had his eyes above the water but he was estimated to be about six feet long. Gators grow at about a rate of one foot per year.

Gator eyes

We spotted a Great Heron on the water as well as ducks and blackbirds. There were also white cranes, Pelicans and Mullet jumping in the water.  There are several venous snakes that inhabit the Delta, thankfully we didn’t come across any of those.

Heron on the bank

We passed underneath the Mobile Bayway and entered Mobile Bay. Watching the sunset over downtown Mobile was spectacular ending to our hour and half tour.

Majestic Cypress trees line the shore and are adorned with Spanish moss and guard the coastline. After the devastation of Hurricane Katina in 2005, it was discovered that the sand in Mobile had undergone a major shift and uncovered Cypress trees at the bottom of the bay. They have been estimated to be 50,000 years old. The samples retrieved still contained the fresh scent of Cypress because the trees do not rot.

Cypress Trees

Two-thirds of Alabama’s rivers drain into the Mobile Delta. The five rivers of the Delta are: Blakley, Apalachee, Tensaw, Spanish and Mobile. (BATSM)

Sunset Kayaks

If you want a quick relaxing boat cruise only minutes from downtown Mobile, book a fun-filled beautiful sunset Delta cruise. You might even get up-close to a gator.

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